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What are Jogo Grips?

Shoes have evolved dramatically over the past few generations, but there really isn’t much different about how they stay tied. Now there is a simple solution that keeps your shoelaces locked in place. Jogo grips are easy to attach to any shoe, non-permanent, and  transfer in seconds.

Step 1: First Time Only

Insert an opened Jogo Grip under the laces where they cross. The arched shape combined with the shoelaces keep Jogo Grips securely in place.

Step 2: Tie Normally

Jogo Grips don’t interfere with lacing your shoes. Simply tie your shoes normally.

Step 3: Gather & Secure

Gather your laces and place down over the Jogo Grip. Then fold over the strap to secure.
That’s It!

Jogo Grips are Reflective!

Safety is a good thing!  Jogo Grips will first be available in green with a reflective stripe that is substantially larger than the reflective area normally found on shoes.

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Interested In Custom Designs?

Jogo grips feature a printable surface area that can highlight your brand with custom screen printing. If you are a retailer or are responsible for brand management for your organization please contact us for a custom quote.